Service Charges


Annual Member

New Join : HK $ 900 (Registration within Jan to Jun)/ HK $ 700 (Registration within Jul to Dec)
Renewal : HK $ 500 / year

Joint Member
New Join : HK $ 1200
Renewal : HK $ 700 / year

Junior Member( 6-18 Years Old)
New Join : HK $ 500
Renewal : HK $ 300 / year

Grooming Member
New Join : HK $ 500
Renewal : HK $ 500 / year
C/B/A Class Examination Fee For Enrollment: HKD $500

HKKC Groomer Qualification Certificate Charges:
C Class $1000
B Class $2000
A Class $3000

Pedigree Charges

Litter Registration Pedigree
litter registration within 6 months:HKD $300/each
Late registration of litter over 6 months (6-12 months):HKD$500/each
Late Registration of litter over 1 year: HKD $1000/each
(Subject to Committee Approval)

B-Certificate (1st Generation)
​Puppy Over 6 months: HKD$500/each Inspection fee is included

Foreign Certificate Registration
Pedigree Certificate: HKD $400/each

​Export Pedigree Registration
Export to other countries: HKD $400/each

Export to China:
Member:HKD$300/Non Member:HKD$600

​Transfer of Ownership
Transfer to Member:HKD$300/Transfer to Non Member:HKD$600

​additional Microchip number : HKD$100/each

Change Info: HKD$100/each

Re-Issue Certificate
All Certificate: HKD$500/each

Kennel Name
Affix: HKD $500*
Annual Renewal of Affix:HKD $300/Year

​Addition of Affix to registered dog:HKD $300/each
(addition of kennel name only)

*For the first join & anew members.

All memberships are recalculated on January 1.

Pedigree Certificate can be delivered by SF Express – courier service(Freight Collect)